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B-Plast 2000 completes business expansion


The plastics recycling company based in Aurich, East Frisia has again expanded its operations.

On Tuesday, 03.03.2020, the construction of a 1,600 m² manufacturing and storage hall, as well as the construction of the corresponding loading and unloading facilities and a new production facility, in the presence of District Administrator Olaf Meinen, Aurichs Mayor Mr. Horst Feddermann and the First City Councilor Hardwig Kuiper officially opened.

The company estimates the investment amount of the new production hall, manufacturing technology and infrastructure at around 3 million euros.The newly acquired production capacities, which are operated in three shifts, can refine up to 2 trucks a day.In order to continue to play a leading role in international competition, according to B-Plast 2000, continuous investments are essential.Due to the changed market conditions, with the import ban on plastics in numerous Asian countries, it has also become necessary to continue to refine raw materials. A large vertical range of manufacture was created in order to be able to adapt to the international market conditions at any time.

B-Plast 2000 has been active in plastics recycling since 1998 and specializes in the recovery of production residues from European plastics manufacturers and processing companies. Comprehensive waste management through to complete waste disposal is offered to plastics producers across Europe. The focus is on material recycling, which enables environmentally friendly management through the sustainable use of raw materials.

Thanks to state-of-the-art industrial plants and advanced technologies, the specialists for plastic recycling on their 78,000 m² company premises are able to process high-performance plastics, bio-based polymers and composite plastics in addition to all thermoplastic plastics.

The refurbished products are marketed worldwide, B-Plast 2000 continuously supplies customers in 35 countries on 4 continents.

The new capacity expansion was followed by the development of the staff, so 30 new hires were made within two years.


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B-Plast 2000 is facing further company expansion


 B-Plast 2000 based in the industrial area Schirum will expand its operation again. Already in 2014 EUR 2.5 million were invested in the operational infrastructure: the new location has been extended by 3.28 ha to 7.8 ha now. On the newly acquired area two halls were built with a total area of 3.200 sqm and a maintenance workshop with an area of 350 sqm, in the course of the building the fortified plant area was enlarged to 40,000 sqm. In addition, new exterior storage areas were built in the form of bulk boxes in concrete block construction. Three new truck loading ramps ensure liquid logistics processes also in future.


 Since 1998 B-Plast 2000 is working in the plastics recycling and specializes in the recycling of industrial production residues. The company offers full operating disposal and comprehensive waste management to plastic producers and processors throughout Europe. The focus is on the mechanical recycling, which allows an environmentally friendly management through sustainable use of raw materials. The processed products are merchandised worldwide, B-Plast 2000 supplies customers in 33 countries on four continents.


 According to B-Plast 2000 continuous investments are inevitable to compete internationally to be a leader. Despite the economy slowed sharply in Asia and stagnation or downward trend in the European markets, the building of a tenth hall with a total investment of 850,000 ? will be tackled in Schirum after receiving the building permit. The construction of the new warehouse will comprise 1,600m², thus the company has a total of 17,000m² exhibition space available.


Today, B-Plast 2000 is one of the largest companies in its sector and one of the European leaders.


In 2014 the performance of B-Plast 2000 was rewarded by winning the 5th Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award, an award for companies that are successful worldwide in foreign markets and achieve excellence in international competition.




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